Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Your Mind & Be Happy!


So I have been obsessed with the website MindBodyGreen. MindBodyGreen has great articles for the mind, body, and health.

I go to the website daily to see what's new. So in order for Thanksgiving time, I gathered 5 articles that you may like to read to have a happier time this week.

I hope these articles inspire, encourage, and make you feel grateful of what you have. And help you have a clear mind this week to keep you focused on family this Thanksgiving day.
  1. 10 Life Changing Tips Inspired by Oprah Winfrey 
  2. 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life 
  3. 6 Tips to Manage Your Wandering Mind: [I need to do 2 and 3, since I find myself so much not living in the present and when I'm in conversation with someone else I'm thinking about something else. Need to do these steps pronto.] 
  4. 10 Tips to Let Go of the Past & Embrace the Future 
  5. 5 Things That Keep Us Forever Young: I think laughter is the best one, as well as singing. Singing along to a song always makes me happy and I don't care of how out of tune I sound, I like singing along anyways :)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day this week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday Outfit!

Birthday Outfit

Ok, so my birthday is not today. But it was last week and since I didn't do anything on my special day (it was gloomy and raining) I decided to build a birthday outfit that I would have probably worn if I had the pieces.

Of course, if money wasn't an issue, i'll buy everything in this pic.

But here is to a little bit of dreaming :)

How has your week been so far? And what would you wear if it was your birthday today? Or if its coming up, do you have a birthday outfit yet?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Party Pumps

Party Pumps

It's that time of year again, well at least for me - Party Time!

Yesterday was my birthday, and now comes all of my other friend's birthdays. November babies!

So I am entitled to get some cute pumps for upcoming birthday parties, and like the rest of the world holiday parties. So I decided to check out online for cute heels and here they are. All heels are from Aldo. Enjoy and happy start to the holiday season ♥

1. Craven Heels in Medium Blue $41.99
2. Craven Heels in Fuchsia $41.99
3. Abrianna Heels in Bone $34.99
4. Fronime Heels in Medium Purple $100
5. Wolny Pumps in Fuchsia $41.99
6. Korsen Color-Block Booties in Black Miscellaneous $55.99
7. Sorgun Pumps in Red Suede $41.99
8. Wolny Pumps in Medium Blue $55.99
9. Gyal Pumps in Gray $100
10. Ayarza Booties w/ rhinestones $150
11. Wolny Pumps in Natural $55.99
12. Berthina Pump in Silver $80

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Must-Haves

Fall Must-Haves

Even though here in Los Angeles is still not feeling like fall, I decided to start my Fall fashion shopping list - it's November after all. Right?

So these are some of the things I'm coveting and hoping to buy for fall.

1. Western Ankle Booties: I found these cute ones online at Charlotte Russe for $19.50. But I currently bought them at Forever 21 in the same color and with fringe on the side (exactly like these- except they are not online anymore).

2. Dark Red Skinnies: I am currently in oxblood mode. It has become one of my favorite colors for fall. So when I saw Lily Collins wearing oxblood jeans, I started on my journey to find the perfect pair of oxblood/ dark red jeans. These jeans are from Express for only $79.90

3. Flats: Flats shouldn't probably be in a fall wardrobe shopping list, but I currently need new black flats and I think these cute Steve Madden KStudd flats are perfect for $49.95.

4. Pullover Sweaters: I need to stay warm during these cool months, so I do it by wearing cute pullover sweaters to keep me warm under my jackets. These cute sweaters are from Old Navy and Gap.

5. Tweed Coat: I have been looking for a tweed coat for years and I finally found it at Express for $110.60 [reg. $158.00]. I bought it for 30% off, plus I got an extra discount which came out really cheap for me.

6. Aztec Print: Ladakh has this Border Blanket Wrap in Aqua Multi for $40 [pictured above under header]. I would so totally buy it if they had my size. But they don't, so this would be my aztec print inspiration for fall. I love the colors and print in this wrap and will totally be looking for something similar.

What are you guys looking forward to shopping for fall?

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