Wednesday, June 26, 2013


One of my new favorite sites is StyleUp. This website picks an outfit for you everyday depending on your weather from where you live and your style and sends it to you through email.

One of the the things I love the most is that they do the outfit search for me. I no longer have to go on Pinterest to search for millions of pictures or on different blogs to get an outfit inspiration that is not even my style.

All you have to do is sign up and put your zip code to determine the weather where you live and your everyday style and voila you have your first outfit in your inbox. Mine is Trendy Casual by the way. And you can also search in the inspiration tab on the site for many other outfits the community has commented on, so you can have more inspiration.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just thought I'd shared with you guys a new website I love.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Style a Dresser

My ugly dresser. The before shot.

I have decorated most of my bedroom already, but I haven't tackled one area, my dresser (see picture above). Technically my dresser is not a dresser. It's actually a bed frame that I use as a way to display my items, storage, and an inspiration wall.

What I want from this piece is to display my jewelry, some magazines, and a little storage area, while keeping it uncluttered. I also want to continue the inspiration wall. I want it to look organized, styled, and cluttered free.

So some of the things I need to do in order to tackle this project are:
1. Edit some stuff and throw away things I don't need.
2. Buy storage options like the cute paper storage boxes from See Jane Work or the Container Store, in order to organize my papers I currently have in the small shoe box in the corner.
3. And the last step I need to do is style it.

I searched the web for some ways to style the top of a dresser and here are some options:

Put A TV In The Middle:
Actress Shay Mitchell decorates her dresser by mounting her TV on top of it and adding different accessories around it to style it. On one side she has a tray with books and a vase of flowers. On the other side she has three candle sticks and two picture frames.

Photo Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

Gallery Wall:
Amy from Garbage to Glam uses a gallery wall to accentuate the dresser. Instead of styling the dresser, which can become cluttered after a while, Amy opted to style her wall above the dresser instead with a bunch of frames and quotes.
Photo Credit: Garbage to Glam

Jewelry Station:
Marie of Sparks and Sequins decorated the top of her dresser as a jewelry storage station. Displaying all of her jewelry for her to see while getting dressed.

Photo Credit: Sparks and Sequins

A Lamp on Both Sides with a Focal Point:
This type of styling is one of my favorite ones. Since it doesn't look cluttered or too chaotic. All three pictures have a lamp on both sides and a focal point. Jamie & Jess added a picture in the middle (on the wall), while the other, the magazine photograph, added a mirror instead of a picture. 

By mounting a statement piece (art, picture, or mirror) on the wall it gives you free access to style the top of the dresser. Jamie chose a vase with flowers and books to decorate the top of her dresser, while Jess chose a creative way of displaying her and her husband's items. On one side she opted for a small black tray to display her husband's cologne and knick knacks. One the other side she went for a clear tray to store her jewelry. She used both trays to make it less cluttered which I love. While the middle picture decided to decorate with books and two candle sticks.

Photo Credit: The Creative Imperative

Photo Credit: Up With Furniture (original source unknown)

Photo Credit: Jess Lively

Which one is your favorite? If you have any ideas how I can style my impromtu dresser let me know. And maybe in the near future or future depending on my procrastination to tackle this item, I might post a picture of it when it's done. So some advice would totally help.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Be Afraid? Have Fun & Play!

Beautiful words from Drew Barrymore, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Of course us normal folks don't have a red carpet to walk on, but we do have our world, and our life is our red carpet.

Sometimes I am afraid of what some people might think or say of some of my fashion or wardrobe choices. Sometimes I think, "should I wear this shirt or not? What would people think? Would I look weird?" And deep down inside I know I need to stop.

This world is our red carpet and I think we need to start showing more of our personalities with some of our clothing choices. We need to have fun with life and fashion and not care what other people think of us. I know that one of my goals for summer is to dress more like myself, and dress more on how I want and not the normal jeans & t-shirt I normally wear. I want to have fun with my fashion choices and dress more for my personality.

So on this beautiful Wednesday, or whenever you're reading this... take a vow to do something today that you always wanted to do or wear. Have fun & enjoy your day, and don't be afraid of what people might think of you.

Love always,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

I normally do not wear sandals, but this summer all of my fashion choices have changed. I am more into a bohemian/flowy dress kinda style for the summer. And what better way to pair flowy dresses than with a pair of cute sandals.

This summer there are so many endless sandals to pick from. From embellishments to different colors. And these are some of my favorite sandals that I am coveting from around the web.
  1. Sam & Libby Kamila Thong Sandal w/ Back Strap - Pink/Brown $24.99
  2. Nine West Seanotes Sandal - Natural Multi Leather $79.00
  3. Xhilaration Lavada Slide Sandal $16.99
  4. Merona Elba Silver Sandal w/ Black Counter - Mint $19.99
  5. Mossimo Supply Co. Lakitia Flip Flop - Brown $16.99
  6. Sam & Libby Kylie Strappy Thong Sandal - Turquoise/Silver $24.99
  7. De Blossom Tindra Multi Rhinestone Sandal - Champagne $24.99
  8. Nine West Serious Sandal - Dark Gold Metallic $79.00
  9. Mossimo Falk Thong Sandal - Bone $22.99
  10. ASOS Felicity Embellished Flat Sandals $64.49
  11. Nine West Flybye Sandal - Green Fabric $49.99

Friday, June 7, 2013


After reading Brie's blog, Sophistifunk, I fell in love with her style. She has just this effortless cool look about her. You would think she was from California, but nope she is from the beautiful sunny state of Arizona. Just a few days ago did I realized she had her own online jewelry shop. And this girl is creative and  recreates expensive jewelry for a cheaper price. All of her bracelets are under $12. Score!!!! And I fell in love with each one of them.

So I compiled some cute jewelry she has on her shop for you. She has plenty more where these came from. So please make sure to visit her Sophistifunk Shop and shop her amazing jewelry.

Sophistifunk Jewelry

1. Mini Clover Bracelet in Peach & Gold $8.00
2. Punk & Pave Bracelet in Neon Pink & Silver $12.00
3. Clover Bracelet in Aqua & Gold $10.00
4. Cursive Love Bracelet in Gold $8.00
5. Sideways Cross Bracelet in Rose Gold $8.00
6. Gold Chain Bracelet with Aqua Tassel $12.00
7. Anchor Bracelet in Silver & Blue $12.00
8. Tortoise & Gold Pave Chain Link Bracelet $10.00

Have a happy Friday & a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List

Summer soon is near and I can't wait to buy new stuff. These are some of the items on my wish list this summer. I hope you enjoy. Have a happy Wednesday!

1. Winter Lennon Landry Dress $57.00
2. F21 Rose Scuba Bustier $17.80
3. F21 Abstract Cutout Monokini $19.80
4. Nine West Lilboger Flats $79.00
5. F21 High-Waisted Eyelet Shorts $14.80
6. F21 Darling Lace Skirt $17.80

Style Elixir
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