Monday, August 6, 2012

Doloris Petunia

Doloris Petunia

After seeing this lovely necklace on Cupcakes and Cashmere I decided to go check out the designer's website.

I was enamored with most of her jewelry, especially the friendship bracelets and the statement necklaces.

They do have a high price, but I decided to try to find some cheaper options if your on a tight budget like me :)

Above Items:
1. Neon Statement Necklace - Tribal Punk $405
2. Seuart in Color Block (Pastel) One of a kind Statement Necklace $405.00
3. The Classic Neon Crystal Statement Necklace $390
4. The Original Swarovski Crystal Friendship Bracelet $85
5. One of a Kind Earrings - Hand Dyed Vintage Crystal Bubbles (Justine) $145.00
6. The Original Swarovski Crystal Friendship Bracelet -Petunia Design (Pink, Yellow, Green & Plum) $50

For Less:

Doloris Petunia Inspired Jewelry: For Less

1. Color-block Boho Drops $34
2. Barbados Tear Studs $15
3. Flouro Deco Pendant $24
4. Stephan & Co. Statement Necklace $24
5. FULL TILT Woven Friendship Bracelet $3.99
6. ASOS Multicoloured Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet$9.94
7. Matthew Williamson's Flourescent Yellow Y Drop Deco Flower Necklace $16


smk053078 said...

Love them all....especially the "fro less" ones because I can actually afford those! Thanks for sharing these GREAT finds!

Jessica said...

No problem. I'm glad you liked them! :)

ashley said...

Great finds! Loving how colorful they are - I'm hoping to carry color into fall and winter and these are perfect!

Thank you for your sweet comment.

xo Ashley

Jessica said...

Thank you. No problem. Yeah I'm hoping to carry color during the cold months as well. Thanks for commenting! :)

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