Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Style a Dresser

My ugly dresser. The before shot.

I have decorated most of my bedroom already, but I haven't tackled one area, my dresser (see picture above). Technically my dresser is not a dresser. It's actually a bed frame that I use as a way to display my items, storage, and an inspiration wall.

What I want from this piece is to display my jewelry, some magazines, and a little storage area, while keeping it uncluttered. I also want to continue the inspiration wall. I want it to look organized, styled, and cluttered free.

So some of the things I need to do in order to tackle this project are:
1. Edit some stuff and throw away things I don't need.
2. Buy storage options like the cute paper storage boxes from See Jane Work or the Container Store, in order to organize my papers I currently have in the small shoe box in the corner.
3. And the last step I need to do is style it.

I searched the web for some ways to style the top of a dresser and here are some options:

Put A TV In The Middle:
Actress Shay Mitchell decorates her dresser by mounting her TV on top of it and adding different accessories around it to style it. On one side she has a tray with books and a vase of flowers. On the other side she has three candle sticks and two picture frames.

Photo Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

Gallery Wall:
Amy from Garbage to Glam uses a gallery wall to accentuate the dresser. Instead of styling the dresser, which can become cluttered after a while, Amy opted to style her wall above the dresser instead with a bunch of frames and quotes.
Photo Credit: Garbage to Glam

Jewelry Station:
Marie of Sparks and Sequins decorated the top of her dresser as a jewelry storage station. Displaying all of her jewelry for her to see while getting dressed.

Photo Credit: Sparks and Sequins

A Lamp on Both Sides with a Focal Point:
This type of styling is one of my favorite ones. Since it doesn't look cluttered or too chaotic. All three pictures have a lamp on both sides and a focal point. Jamie & Jess added a picture in the middle (on the wall), while the other, the magazine photograph, added a mirror instead of a picture. 

By mounting a statement piece (art, picture, or mirror) on the wall it gives you free access to style the top of the dresser. Jamie chose a vase with flowers and books to decorate the top of her dresser, while Jess chose a creative way of displaying her and her husband's items. On one side she opted for a small black tray to display her husband's cologne and knick knacks. One the other side she went for a clear tray to store her jewelry. She used both trays to make it less cluttered which I love. While the middle picture decided to decorate with books and two candle sticks.

Photo Credit: The Creative Imperative

Photo Credit: Up With Furniture (original source unknown)

Photo Credit: Jess Lively

Which one is your favorite? If you have any ideas how I can style my impromtu dresser let me know. And maybe in the near future or future depending on my procrastination to tackle this item, I might post a picture of it when it's done. So some advice would totally help.


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