Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution>> New Workout Gear

The new year brings a lot of resolutions for many of us. For most people, staying fit and loosing weight is their main goals.

I think what better way to motivate you to stay in shape this new year, than cute workout clothes.

Adding a little pop of color to your wardrobe will motivate you to wear them and hit the gym. So I gathered a few cute clothing items to spruce up your workout wardrobe.

Good Luck!

New Workout Gear for 2013

1.  Bottoms: What better way to spruce up your wardrobe than fun colorful shorts these are from Target for only $9.99. You can wear them with a neutral black or white tank or spice it up with a color opposite from it to create a colorblock look.
Or you can keep your bottoms neutral like these Aerie yoga pants only $19.99
* My tip when shopping for bottoms are to bend over while trying them on. This will help check if your pants are not see through. I find most yoga and dance pants are see through and show the color of your underwear.

2. Tanks: If your not too wild about color keep pants black and spice up your outfit with a colorful tank like this one for $12.99 or this one for $26.99. Both are from Target.

3. Sports Bra:  Another excellent thing to buy are sports bras. Depending on your size I find Moving Comfort has a big selection for different types of chest size that are comfortable and supportive. The above picture shows this one for small chested individuals and this one for bigger chested women. Target also holds plenty of cute colorful sports bra on the cheap side.

4. Shoes: If bright colored clothing is not your thing, try wearing them in your shoes. Cute way to add a touch of pizzazz to your wardrobe. Try these:
Women's C9 by Champion Exalt Athletic- Pink/White $24.99 
Nike Free Advantage in Fireberry/Bordeaux/White/Thunder Blue $79.99
Nike Free Advantage in Calypso/White/New Green/Siren Red $79.99

Good Luck on your new year's resolutions,

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