Friday, January 18, 2013

Link Love: New Year, New Way of Thinking!

Perfectionism is a dream killer... -Mastin Kipp

Since is the new year, I thought why not do a link love list of things I recently came upon on the web. Here are a few website's that offer insightful information that might be of use to you. I know it definitely was for me. New year, new way of thinking! Enjoy!

  • Decreasing Negative Self-Talk: Jess Lively offers an insightful look on negative self-talk. She also suggests a few examples on how to decrease them.
  • No More Planning! Time For Action!: Mastin Kipp talks about how we always plan before we actually do something. We plan till its perfect and then take our leap. But sometimes, planning till its perfect will never come. That's true and I have learned this along the way of my life and planning for everything, waiting for it to feel or seem like its perfect and take the leap. But I found out that sometimes its best to just do it! And eventually you'll find what your looking for. And he explains his experience as well. Perfect read for you to get inspired and take action this new year.
  • Redefining Beauty: I was in love with this article written by Natalie from Thoughts by Natalie. This article in the beginning made me cry. I became tear eyed a bit reading how Leah described her body. Its amazing how many of us don't view it that way. It made me sad. The 4 steps Natalie wrote to redefine beauty were amazing. I would definitely try to incorporate these in my life more often. Especially when I talk to someone else and try not talk negatively about someone else or comment on things I don't like about a celebrity when I see their picture online or magazine (though I learned not to do this. But I do catch myself commenting on their fashion. Need to stop!). Definitely a good read. 
  • Vision Boards: If you didn't think vision boards can help set your goals, actress Shay Mitchell thinks otherwise. I think setting goals are very important, at least to me. Sometimes seeing them visually can make all the difference. In this post Shay Mitchell gives you some ideas on how to create your own vision board. Here is to 2013, and making our dreams come true :)

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