Friday, November 9, 2012

Party Pumps

Party Pumps

It's that time of year again, well at least for me - Party Time!

Yesterday was my birthday, and now comes all of my other friend's birthdays. November babies!

So I am entitled to get some cute pumps for upcoming birthday parties, and like the rest of the world holiday parties. So I decided to check out online for cute heels and here they are. All heels are from Aldo. Enjoy and happy start to the holiday season ♥

1. Craven Heels in Medium Blue $41.99
2. Craven Heels in Fuchsia $41.99
3. Abrianna Heels in Bone $34.99
4. Fronime Heels in Medium Purple $100
5. Wolny Pumps in Fuchsia $41.99
6. Korsen Color-Block Booties in Black Miscellaneous $55.99
7. Sorgun Pumps in Red Suede $41.99
8. Wolny Pumps in Medium Blue $55.99
9. Gyal Pumps in Gray $100
10. Ayarza Booties w/ rhinestones $150
11. Wolny Pumps in Natural $55.99
12. Berthina Pump in Silver $80

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